Obscure Movie Night 103: Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon (1990)

In the near-future a maintenance vehicle is orbiting the earth on a mission to repair nuclear-armed satellites. Suddenly they experience a mysterious, inexplicable power failure that they cannot account for. As the ship grows increasingly colder they find that they are drifting toward the dark side of the moon. An old NASA shuttle, the Discovery, drifts toward them, despite the fact that NASA has not been operating for 30 years. Two of the crew board the ship and find a dead body. The crew’s own ship records indicate that the shuttle they have happened across disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle many years before. So what is it doing in space? As they attempt to solve this mystery it quickly becomes apparent that a malevolent force had been waiting on the NASA shuttle, and now it begins to stalk the crew one at a time. This malevolent force turns out to be the Devil, banished by God to the dark side of the moon. The Devil now feeds on the souls of any mortals who enter the Bermuda Triangle or the space corridor between Earth and the moon. –Wikipeda

Awful!  -Quality Jones


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