Is Microsoft Planning to Drop The Price of Xbox 360 Yet Again?

New Price!

From Engadget:

The image above is not a mockup. What you’re looking at is a screen grab from the Video Game section of Target’s online storefront proudly touting “free shipping” on a $299.99 Xbox 360 250GB console with Kinect bundle. Unfortunately, your pulse-quickened click will be met with the existing $399.99 price tag at checkout. So what’s going on here? Are retailers gearing up for price drops on the 250GB Kinect bundle ahead of E3 or did Target’s arts and charts department just make a mistake? E3 Expo kicks off June 7th, so it won’t be long until we find out either way.

As of 5/31/2011 @ 2pm est you can still see this Target page billboard on the Target website via the Video Game storefront (View Here).

According to this advert, the Xbox 360 250bg Slim bundled with the Kinect will sell for only $299, and not only is that a $100 savings from the normal bundle (250gb bundled with Kinect are somewhat rare to begin with) but $149 (or a free Kinect!) if purchased separately.

Does this point to another price drop across the board?

UPDATE 3:30pm

It appears Target got wind of the ‘mistake’ and edited the live billboard. Now I don’t know whether to think it was just an art dept. error, or a bit of foreshadowing.

Who’s More Magnum?

Martin Jetpack
Martin Jetpack In Flight

Vying for the number one most badass spot are the folks at Martin Jetpack;

A real-life jetpack passed a key test this month by soaring to a height of 5,000 feet, deploying an emergency parachute and drifting back down to New Zealand’s Canterbury Plains.

“This successful test brings the future another step closer,” Glenn Martin, the jetpack’s inventor and founder of the New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Co., said in a statement issued today.

Read More Here…

And the original badass, Yves Rossy – The man who can fly;
Yves Rossy: The Man Who Can Fly

Read more about Yves Rossy, Here

So, who do YOU think is more Magnum? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Will You Pay Extra for Call of Duty Elite?

So, fellow Call of Duty fans, are you willing to PAY extra cash to Activision for a few additional perks?

Elite will be available in two tiers of service, one for paying and one for non-paying Call of Duty multiplayer fanatics. While all of the perks of membership are yet to be announced, that paying group may never have to pay for a Call of Duty map pack separately again.

At a glance, Elite resembles, the richly-detailed stat tracking service for that other mighty first-person-shooter series, Halo. But the top people behind the Elite project, including the heads of Beachhead Studios, an outfit dedicated exclusively to building and supporting Elite, promise that their service will prove to be the best of its kind, transcending expectations of websites for multiplayer video games.

The Elite service is, at its most basic, a very fancy website. It will primarily be accessed through users’ web browsers, though Activision is planning to offer some sort of Elite app for iOS and Android devices.

I’m not really sold on the idea of yet another monthly payment – and since I only play COD on XBL, I don’t think I’d opt in on this. Read the reast of the article on Kotaku Here

The Troll Hunter

Every now and then you catch wind of a film that’s just so out-there that you can’t help but want to see it. Troll Hunter is that film for me, this year. The look, the attitude and the approach take this subject matter to a new level. We may need to wait for a DVD release before we get it in the U.S., but I still cant’ wait!

The Norwegian film The Troll Hunter follow a documentary crew as they investigate whether their government has been hiding real, giant trolls on a game preserve in the far north. Shot in a vérité style, the film is written and directed by André Ovredal.

Opens June 10, 2011 – But good luck finding it in the USA. If you do find it, let us know where!

Bigfoot is Real?? Maybe?? – A Spokane woman out for a day hike along the Spokane river claims to have proof of the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot.  Samantha, who did not give her last name, and her friends were hiking at Downriver Park over the weekend when they captured Bigfoot by using their iPhone camera.

Opinions are needed!  Do you think BigFoot is real?  Leave a comment!

You Can Die on the Moon!

Tired of only having boring ways to die on Earth?  Looking for a kickass, super-awesome, Chuck Norris-style death?  Look no further than our nearest celestial neighbor!  Apparently, there’s just as much water up there as there is here on Gaia!  Pretty soon, Dannon, Zephryhills & Dasani are going to be sending rockets up there with scores of doomed workers to get that clear liquid extracted!  How fast can you get in line for the Dasani Destructo-Rocket of Doom?

Wireframe Pack – 30 Free Images

Just can’t stop building up your graphic toolset?  Here’s a great addition from Media Militia! Totally free!! Get it now!

This pack includes 30 subtle wireframe images. All images are PNG with a transparent background. They are all over 4000px wide at 300 PPI, making them an awesome addition to your designs. Enjoy!

Pre-bituary: Sean Kingston

I’m going to jump the gun a bit here and report on the death of Sean Kingston from injuries suffered in a jet ski crash in the Miami area. Kingston crashed into a bridge with a female passenger around 6pm EST and was fished out of the water by a good samaritan.   He is currently in critical condition and not much else is known at this point.