Will You Pay Extra for Call of Duty Elite?

So, fellow Call of Duty fans, are you willing to PAY extra cash to Activision for a few additional perks?

Elite will be available in two tiers of service, one for paying and one for non-paying Call of Duty multiplayer fanatics. While all of the perks of membership are yet to be announced, that paying group may never have to pay for a Call of Duty map pack separately again.

At a glance, Elite resembles Bungie.net, the richly-detailed stat tracking service for that other mighty first-person-shooter series, Halo. But the top people behind the Elite project, including the heads of Beachhead Studios, an outfit dedicated exclusively to building and supporting Elite, promise that their service will prove to be the best of its kind, transcending expectations of websites for multiplayer video games.

The Elite service is, at its most basic, a very fancy website. It will primarily be accessed through users’ web browsers, though Activision is planning to offer some sort of Elite app for iOS and Android devices.

I’m not really sold on the idea of yet another monthly payment – and since I only play COD on XBL, I don’t think I’d opt in on this. Read the reast of the article on Kotaku Here

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