Store Front Superheroes

This looks like one of the best new independent TV Shows to come along in a pretty long time. I grew up in comic book shops and there are far too few of them around today. Hopefully this show will kickstart the culture and we’ll see more shops opening up (even if it’s in a flea market!)

Store Front Super Heroes is a brand new TV show sizzle reel featuring a fantastic foursome of comic book clerks that are changing the industry worldwide and have even been voted for the Eisner Award (the Oscars of comics). There is no shop on earth like A Comic Shop and there is no TV show like Store Front Super Heroes. Gas Light Pictures and Bad Twin Entertainment introduce Aaron “The Looks” Haaland, Jason “The Brains” Blanchard, Mike “The Wild Card” Pandel, and Eric “The Muscle” Punzone. –

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