Sony rumored to buy Netflix? Say it ain’t so!

As an avid fan of movies, and a long time subscriber to the Netflix rental service as well as a consistantly disappointed Sony product owner I was taken aback this morning when I read the following rumor on the interblag;

Though the facts offered up as to where the money would come from is nebulous, GameRant says this will be the perfect tactic for Sony to diversify their “revenue streams.” And by that they mean: “expose a wider population to identity theft.”


It should also be known that the rumor mill also includes IMAX as a potential buy for Sony. I’m not sure how all of you feel about this, so feel free to follow the GameRant link to the full story (read: rumor) and comment below.

I, for one, do not relish the idea of losing Netflix on my Xbox 360 or having any more of my money find its way into Sony’s pockets. This opinion comes not solely on the heels of their recent security breach of the PSN, but it does compound the frustration I have experienced with their products – Namely a $5k TV that was so poorly designed that it required a class action lawsuit for Sony to own up to it.

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