Now Accepting Applications to the Pop Zombie Podcast Network

Those of us at the Pop Zombie Network, which is comprised of several top tier podcasts, have decided to once again expand our plans for Global Domination. Do you have what it takes to keep pace with us? If you fit enough of the following criteria, we may just welcome you into our circle of trust (ie, let you be part of the PZPN!) and all the glorious praise and sticky residue love that go with it!

  • Regularly recorded podcast?
  • High quality final product (properly prepared & edited audio file)?
  • Wanting to affiliate with a Network with an adult-targeted audience?
  • Consistently funny/informational/introspective?
  • Not doing/saying/promoting/condoning illegal activities?
  • Made of cheese?
  • Partial to fruit baskets?

If you can answer “yes” to some or all of these questions you might be the right fit for our Network. To open a line of dialog, either leave your contact info in the comments section of this post, or contact us directly at

Thanks, and good luck!

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