PZPC Network Welcomes CineMinutiae Podcast!

A weekly podcast about the finer points of cinema, CineMinutiae (Sin-a-Men-OO-Sha) hopes to relate the the details you may have missed when you casually watched that last flick. Whether its high-art films, like Tree Of Life, or action flicks like X-Men: First Class you’ll get the same level of fine tooth combing. When you’re done listening to what we have to say about a movie, you’re going to want to see it again. Unless its a bad movie and we suggest you never watch it at all…

Featuring two familiar voices from the Pop Zombie podcast (Quality Jones & BigBrain) along with a new addition (LeFleur) and the occasional guest host, you’ll be sure to get a wide range of opinions on a wide range of cinema.

We never overlook the minutiae of cinema!

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