Pop Zombie Podcast 503: Debate The Late – 27 Club Worthiness?

The Pop Zombie Cast is made all that much better by our guest host “Johnny C” who stops in to debate with Quality Jones the seriousocityness of the recently departed Amy Winehouse and her potentially undeserved place amongst the great artists that came and went before and now occupy the so-called “27 Cub” – Listen and decide for yourself who has the stronger argument…


Pop Zombie 501: The Netflux Capacitor – It traverses time and takes your money.

Oh joyous day of days! The answers to the prayers of millions, if not several have been answered! The Fifth Season of the Pop Zombie Podcast has begun and with out first outing we introduce a smidge more content then you’re used to – Try not to take any deep breaths during the break-in period as dizziness and mild vomiting may occur.

Instead, sit back and relax as we forcibly ram our opinions on the current state of Netflix pricing into your ear holes. If that’s not your bag you may find solace in the discussion of Google+, because, yes poor average citizen, we ALL have it and are Google +ing each other on a daily basis.

And for those of you teased by the above video of Baron VC’s surprise (“What’s in the box!) you finally get to find out!

So, sit back, tune in, turn on and tune out, its the Pop Zombie Podcast number 501 (magically 1:05 in length – See what we did there?) for July 17th, 2047

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Pop Zombie 420: Om Nom Nom…

Its the season finale of the Season Four outing of Pop Zombie, but please don’t cry! We have a huge chunk of creamy goodness for you today. We talk about E3, eat Magnum Ice Cream – And SOME of it even goes in our mouths – Most of it goes in Quality Jones’ mouth, and quickly, and a fair portion goes on Baron VCs shirt & lap. We sing you some songs, we tell you some jokes and really just make you feel good about yourself…unless you are a woman or a minority, or a human or its Tuesday – in which case not so¬† much.

We also give some shout outs to some new and die hard fans during the show – so listen for your name. This episode merits multiple listens, so do that while we regroup and get geared up for Season 5, because YES, we have been picked up (by ourselves) for a fifth season! We hope to be back with new episodes by the 3rd week of July.

Tune In, Tune Out and Turn On, It STILL the Pop Zombie Podcast!