Pop Zombie Podcast 516: It’s So Heavy

Now be it thick as a milkshake or thin as a cornflake, we love you to death but we ain’t pressed with a heartbreak.  And anyway who cares about what other people talk about?  We’d rather hear it from the zombie’s mouth.  And you can hear it from the zombie’s mouth, too on this episode of the Plop Jombie Podcast!  We say goodbye to Heavy D & Joe Frazier and wonder who will be next.  Because we’re morbid like that.  We also talk about how tired we are that movie poster design is so tired.  Fussy Fartlet!  Baron, of course, talks about Call of Duty again.  Sigh … But Sharpei Ballsby and Gloria Gloryole make another appearance and that makes it all better.  Don’t cry.  It’s not your fault.  It’s the Pop Zombie Podcast #516!!

Follow along with our Movie Poster discussion!

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