Why SOPA/PIPA Won’t Pass

If you’re not familiar with SOPA/PIPA, perhaps you should be. Go HERE first and see what its all about.

Let me preface this rant with the following facts;

  • I am not a politician
  • I am not college educated
  • The potential for SOPA to be good is outweighed by the certainty of its misuse
  • I see beyond the panic to the truth
  • I am almost always, annoyingly so, correct

So the internet is ablaze today with roughly 20% “serious” cries for YOU to take action in standing up against “Big Brother” – or, as I like to call it; “The place where greed festers.” You can do this in a number of ways, all of which, surely, can only make you feel better about yourself, having done the only something you could, short of dumping tea into Boston Harbor for some unknown reason.

The other 80% of the SOPA related content on the web as of late has been sensationalism, panicky ill-informed cries for Continue reading “Why SOPA/PIPA Won’t Pass”

Pop Zombie Podcast 602: Scottish Winter!

It’s a Scottish winter and what better way to celebrate a Highlands Freezytime than to listen to Baron scritchin’ and a-scratchin’ with his Appley products??!  He’s a real talentoid – he has the skillishness to pay the billishness.  Bloom up, Scritch out and Skrill Ex, it’s the Pop Zombie Podcast #602!!  Blarmph!

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