Sick Video Blogger Cooks Dog

In a desperate bid to produce a viral video and get hits for his pathetic YouTube channel, a Los Angeles-based blogger duo cooked a dog live on video!  Animal rights activists are up in arms over this cruel, inhumane act and the LAPD are actively investigating.  I haven’t heard if there will be charges of any kind, but I imagine there will be.  What kind of person cooks a dog to get popular?

Watch the disturbing video below. WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!

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Trailer: Avengers (#2)

The Hulk! Iron Man! Thor! Captain America! Black Widow! Nick Fury! Hawkeye! Loki! How many superheroes can one movie deal with? If the movie is half as good as this trailer is, I think we’re all in for a huge event movie that we should start organizing parties for now! SQUEEE!!!

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Monkee Davy Jones Dead at 66

Most of my childhood was taken up by reruns of The Monkees.  Before I really knew who The Beatles were, I knew Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith and laughed endlessly at their hilarious antics and madcap zaniness.  And to my mother’s delight, I also loved their music (whether they actually created it or not.)  I wore out several vinyl LPs listening to Daydream Believer, Last Train to Clarksville among others.

Rest in Peace, Davy Jones.

The Monkees Pilot Intro

The Monkees Season One Intro

The Monkees Intro Medley – I’m A Believer 1st Night UK Tour Liverpool Echo Arena 12th May 2011

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Mad Magazine Covers 1952-1955

One of my favorite sites on the net right now is Retronaut!  You should hop over and check them out and maybe grab their RSS for your feed reader!  They have all kinds of vintage anything and everything!  If it’s a few decades old and cool as all hell, it’s on Retronaut!

A story they ran today (that I’m stealing and posting here) is about a site that has high quality scans of every single Mad Magazine ever published.  That’s a LOT of issues and a lot of work.  The covers that really bring back the memories for me are the ones from the 80s (when I first discovered and fell in love with Mad.)  I remember getting in trouble for bringing one to school to show my buddies.  It had a parody of Any Which Way You Can that showed Clint Eastwood getting a boot to the crotch from his Mom.  They took it away.  Not a happy day for me.

Anyway, check out some of these old Fifties covers and then head over to Retronaut and then over to Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site!  You won’t be sorry.

via Retronaut
via Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site


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Cleveland School Shooter

T.J. Lane didn’t belong to any particular clique in the schools he attended, fellow students said. Even those who knew described him as quiet, someone who was guarded, seemingly sad at times, but nice once you broke through the wall that he put up around himself.

But they never would have thought that he’d be described as a killer — until Monday, when two students told CNN they saw Lane walk up to a table in the cafeteria of Ohio‘s Chardon High School and begin firing. The suspect was arrested a short time later, after being chased from the school by a teacher. Police have not identified the alleged gunman except to say he is a juvenile.

One person died in the shooting, while four others were wounded, authorities said.


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Big Brother, We Have Arrived

Ever since I can remember, every other sci-fi film has been about some sort of dystopic future with dead cybernetic eyes watching your every move; metallic, cold gazes around every corner and in every wall; cameras in crevices, crooks, crannies and craniums. For most of the time we sat and watched those films, it was a scary thought, but not a threatening reality … until now. There is talk to use unmanned aerial drones in a domestic capacity. Big Brother has never been closer.

“Today anybody— the paparazzi, anybody — can hire a helicopter or a (small plane) to circle around something that they’re interested in and shoot away with high-powered cameras all they want,” said Dan Elwell,  the Aerospace Industries Association‘s vice president for civil aviation. “I don’t understand all the comments about the Big Brother thing.

“As technology advances, so does the government’s surveillance powers. If we want to protect our privacy rights, the exercise of this power has to be subject to limits,” writes ACLU deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer in The New York Times “Room for Debate” discussion about the use of drones domestically, and whether they pose a threat to privacy.

Global demand for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones, is heating up as armed forces invest in new systems to boost their ability to carry out reconnaissance and strikes without putting soldiers’ lives in danger.

Propelled by a rise in Asian defence budgets, annual global spending on UAVs is forecast to almost double from the current $5.9 billion to $11.3 billion over the next decade, according to US-based defence research firm Teal Group.

Some Big Brother Style Films:

Logan’s Run (1976)

1984 (1984)

Gattaca (1997)

Minority Report (2002)

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Past Blast: bin Laden in Tara Reid’s Knees

This is one of those crazy stories that ran at the now-defunct (Putting the CULT in Pop Culture!)  TheFryCook one day ran across an image of Tara Reid‘s knees (don’t ask why or how) and he noticed that bin Laden‘s face appeared in not one but BOTH of her knees!  Take a close look at the image!  It’s eerie!!  No photoshop!  Those are her actual knees!

In case you’re wondering who Tara Reid is (which wouldn’t be surprising because she hasn’t really done anything of note since popping her tit out in front of 140 cameraman about seven years ago) here’s a recent photo:

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Trailer: The Sound of My Voice

Get ready to experience one of the most intriguing cinematic trailer experiences you’ve ever experienced!  The 12 minutes the filmmakers show you (the first 12 of the film) are intriguing enough, but they’ve added an extra layer of mystery and intrigue by including links to several videos and websites that provide information that has no obvious tie to what you view in the trailer.  Fortunately, the manner in which it’s all presented paints a larger picture that you’re practically demanding to see by the end of the trailer.

It’s not clear at this point how or when the film will be released (theaters, DVD, online) but director Zal Batmanglij has indicated that he and co-writer Brit Marling have completed a 3 film story arch (with the remaining two films yet to be put to digital celluloid.)

Sound of My Voice Trailer

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The Phantom Menace Rewritten!

I made the colossal mistake of taking my nephew to see The Phantom Menace 3D last weekend.  He was bored and I was disappointed once again, though I went it with an open mind hoping to see something in it that I hadn’t in the past.  However, as let down as I was, I never thought about how I would actually rewrite it to be a better film.  Thankfully, someone DID think of a great way to retell the story that would be compelling, engaging, believable and a fitting lead in to the next two films.  Watch this video and tell me this wouldn’t have been a MUCH better movie to watch.


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Eighties Star Wars Action Figure Commercial

If there’s one thing I remember from growing up in the Eighties, it’s the proliferation of commercials for Star Wars action figures and accessories that played every 3.5 minutes on every channel on Saturday morning. Ironically enough, I never owned a Star Wars action figure – not because I didn’t desperately want them, but because I never received them for Christmas or birthdays. So deprived.

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