Top 16 Android Apps You MUST Have

…according to my extensive experience fiddling around on a Motorola Droid and HTC Incredible.  This is the list of what I just can’t live without on my trusty smartphone (in no particular order)

  • Vignette  – $3.99
    I haven’t found another app with as good a list of camera styles, effects and borders.
  • Amazon App Store – FREE
    One free paid app per day.  The only reason I can think of to have this app – and that’s pretty much enough for me!  Unfortunately, there are a lot of games and kids titles (I would like to see more tools and utilities)
  • Lemon – FREE & Paid
    Scan all your receipts every night!  Never lose track of your expenses.  Will store a high res scan of your receipt, convert it to editable text and allow you to export to a spreadsheet complete with tags!  Can’t live without it!
  • Tape Machine – $4.00 (+ free lite version)
    For me, there is no other audio recorder on Android!  I use this to record the Obscure Movie Night podcast and pretty much any time I need to record some audio on the fly and save to pretty much any audio format I want (mp3, ogg, wav, etc)
  • Spotify – FREE (premium membership required)
    Another app I can’t live without!  Any time access to pretty much any song you want to hear as much as you want to hear it!  Playlists!  Social sharing!  Don’t take away my Spotify!!
  • Google Music – FREE
    Not exactly a “can’t live without it” kind of app, but one that I definitely need for several reasons.  The first being the storage of 20,000 of my own audio files regardless of size!  I have months and months worth of Coast to Coast AM stored forever!!  Google Music also has better prices and sales on a lot of music than other stores out there.
  • SMS Backup + – FREE
    A genius app!  Backs up all of your SMS/MMS messages to your gmail account!  Never permanently delete a text again!  Never worry about changing phones and losing text messages!  Gotta have it!!
  • Stitcher – FREE
    A great podcatching app!  I use it to listen to Coast to Coast AM, the Pop Zombie Podcast, Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing, Adam Carolla, etc!  Easy to use.  Need it.
  • ZDBox – FREE
    Does so much it’s not possible to list it all here without becoming overkill.  The best things: password protect apps, move apps to SD card, batch uninstall and more!  SO useful!
  • Crackle – FREE
    Watch free full length movies and tv shows without signing up for anything.  Just watch!  Need I say more?
  • EyeEm – FREE
    The only other camera app I really use.  Good camera effects and great social features.  The only Android camera app that comes close to Burbn’s app for iOS.
  • Glympse – FREE
    Let somebody track you with your GPS!  Really useful for letting someone see when you’ll be arriving somewhere AND for trying to coordinating a meeting when neither of you know where the heck you’re going.  Another must have app.
  • xScope Pro – $2.99
    The only web browser I use on Android.  As close to Chrome as it gets so far (haven’t tried Chrome for Android yet)
  • Zedge – FREE
    Easily change your wallpaper and sound events – literally thousands of images and sounds.
  • Flixster Movies – FREE
    Movie reviews AND showtimes!  If you love movies, you really need this app.  The only one you’ll need.  Stop searching Google for movie info.
  • SoundHound – FREE & Paid
    Most of you probably use Shazam to figure out what song is playing on the radio or tv or a movie or whatever, but SoundHound is so much better!  Give it a try.
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