Trailer: The Sound of My Voice

Get ready to experience one of the most intriguing cinematic trailer experiences you’ve ever experienced!  The 12 minutes the filmmakers show you (the first 12 of the film) are intriguing enough, but they’ve added an extra layer of mystery and intrigue by including links to several videos and websites that provide information that has no obvious tie to what you view in the trailer.  Fortunately, the manner in which it’s all presented paints a larger picture that you’re practically demanding to see by the end of the trailer.

It’s not clear at this point how or when the film will be released (theaters, DVD, online) but director Zal Batmanglij has indicated that he and co-writer Brit Marling have completed a 3 film story arch (with the remaining two films yet to be put to digital celluloid.)

Sound of My Voice Trailer

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