Mad Magazine Covers 1952-1955

One of my favorite sites on the net right now is Retronaut!  You should hop over and check them out and maybe grab their RSS for your feed reader!  They have all kinds of vintage anything and everything!  If it’s a few decades old and cool as all hell, it’s on Retronaut!

A story they ran today (that I’m stealing and posting here) is about a site that has high quality scans of every single Mad Magazine ever published.  That’s a LOT of issues and a lot of work.  The covers that really bring back the memories for me are the ones from the 80s (when I first discovered and fell in love with Mad.)  I remember getting in trouble for bringing one to school to show my buddies.  It had a parody of Any Which Way You Can that showed Clint Eastwood getting a boot to the crotch from his Mom.  They took it away.  Not a happy day for me.

Anyway, check out some of these old Fifties covers and then head over to Retronaut and then over to Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site!  You won’t be sorry.

via Retronaut
via Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site


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