Pop Zombie Podcast 614: Motorboating

Ever wonder where charcoal came from? Why does it have to do with Henry Ford? Why do we care? We don’t, but you might. We also sing about motorboating and boobs! And in case you were wondering, I’m talking about Air Bags, Arm Rests, Ballermen, Balloons, Balongas, Barackas, Bass Drums, Bazongas, Bazookas, Bazooms, Big-ones, Big ‘Uns, Binoculars, Bodacious Ta-Ta’s, Bongos, Boobies, Booblets (for small ones), BoobsBoulders, Bouncers, Bouncing Betties, Breakfast, dinner andeverything in between, Breasts, Breastisists, Cabbobbas, Cajungas, Cantelopes, Chest, Chestnuts, Chi Chi’s, Chickies, Coconuts, Conversation Pieces, Crowd Pleasers, Cum Recepticles, Cupcakes, Deals, Dick Squeezers, Dingers, Dual Air Bags, Dueling Banjos, Ear Warmers, Entertainment, Erotic Volcanos, Flesh Pillows, Flippers, Floaters, Flotation Devices, Fog Lights, French Horns, Fried Eggs, Fun Bags, Gifts, Golden Bozos, Guns, Guzzongas, Hand Warmers, Headlights, Heavens in your hands, Heaves o’ Heavan, Hills, Hogans, Honkers, Hooters, Incentives, Jigglers, Jingle Bells (During Christmas Time), Jobblies, Joy Buzzers, Jugoombies, Jugs, Jumblies, Knobs, Lactation Stations, Lefty & Righty, Lil ‘Uns, Lolas, Lollipops, Love Humps, Love Muffins, Lunch Trays, Kittens, Magic Mountains, Mammaries, Mammery Cannons, Massive Melons, Melons, Milk Jugs, Milk Wagons, Missles, Mosquito Bites, Mounds, Mountains, Mountains of Love, Mountains of Perfection, Muffins, Nay-Nays, Nipple Cushions, Nockers, Non-Dairy Creamers, Nugens, Pacifiers, Pair, Party Favors, Party Hats, Peaks, Penis Pillows, Penis Pleasers, Penis Warmers, Pillows, Pints, Play Toys, Puppies, Purple People Eaters, Quicker Sticker Uppers, Rack, Radio Dials, Recliners, Riding Handles, Ripe Flesh, Rocky Mountains, Set, Smarties, Snack Trays, Stacks, Squeezables, Sweater Kittens, Taters, Thingys, Tits, Titymackers, Tomatoes, Tonkers, Torpedoes, Tracks o’ land, Twangers, Twin Peaks, Twins, Warheads, Wazoos, Weapons, Whammies, Whoahs, Whoppers, Window Displays, Winnebago’s, Wobblers, Woffers, Yaboos, Yazoos, Yummys, Zambonies and/or Zeppelins. Beep Boop Bop! it’s the Pop Zombie Podcast #614! Listen up!

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