Pop Zombie Podcast 508: That’s Racist!!

Not only is this episode really racist, it’s really most sincerely racist! There isn’t an easily offended group out there that won’t be incredibly easily offended by this episode! For reals, you big homo N word Juicebags! Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what we’re talking about because were just so RACIST! It’s time to bloom out, flip down and swish in! It’s the Pop Zombie Podcast Episode 508!!


Pop Zombie Podcast 507: Burn it Down!

A calm discussion about Steve Jobs’ departure from Apple, the value of tech companies, a visit from the Crazy Wakka, Sizzle Drizzle, we eat food of some kind, The ultimate DoucheBag Corporation called GameStop, the nature of time and space and our place in this universe (and others), Quality’s impending visit to Orlando Calling to see The Pixies, The Raconteurs, The Killers, etc ad nauseum. So you can see we talk about a LOT. This is not a show you want to miss. Tune up, turn out, flip down. It’s the Pop Zombie Podcast #507!


Pop Zombie Podcast 506: JayBone Gets Way Old

Everybody gets an intro song!  Join in on the fun with catering belts, flannel curtains, flannel sex, pen island, Botany 500 not to mention inappropriate touching!  Yay!! And don’t forget that the Amish Don’t Got the Internet so they can’t steal NFL TV feeds from Ukraine! Tune left, turn height, turnip; it’s the Pop Zombie Podcast #506!


Pop Zombie Podcast 505: Get Jacked at The Shack!

Join us and our special guest Fiffie for a visit to Becky Jack’s Food Shack in wonderfully humid Weeki Wachee Florida. We regale each other with tales of yore, best each other in body and spirit with manly tests of valor followed by complimentary hair washing and debates over the 3rd season of Full House. Ok, not really, but we do have a good time eating, drinking and being merry! Its time to tune in, turn on, tune out and carb up for the high fat count of the Pop Zombie Podcast #505!


Pop Zombie Podcast 504: Do We Sound Bored?

Revenge is a dish best served digitally! Join us for more inane banter cleverly disguised as entertainment. This week Bigbrain gets his revenge on Baron VC for all those annoying interruptions caused by Baron’s love of all things SOUND BOARD! Baron calls this “The worst episode ever” and Quality calls it “The Best episode EVER” – won’t you tune in and settle the debate for us?


Pop Zombie Podcast 503: Debate The Late – 27 Club Worthiness?

The Pop Zombie Cast is made all that much better by our guest host “Johnny C” who stops in to debate with Quality Jones the seriousocityness of the recently departed Amy Winehouse and her potentially undeserved place amongst the great artists that came and went before and now occupy the so-called “27 Cub” – Listen and decide for yourself who has the stronger argument…


Pop Zombie 501: The Netflux Capacitor – It traverses time and takes your money.

Oh joyous day of days! The answers to the prayers of millions, if not several have been answered! The Fifth Season of the Pop Zombie Podcast has begun and with out first outing we introduce a smidge more content then you’re used to – Try not to take any deep breaths during the break-in period as dizziness and mild vomiting may occur.

Instead, sit back and relax as we forcibly ram our opinions on the current state of Netflix pricing into your ear holes. If that’s not your bag you may find solace in the discussion of Google+, because, yes poor average citizen, we ALL have it and are Google +ing each other on a daily basis.

And for those of you teased by the above video of Baron VC’s surprise (“What’s in the box!) you finally get to find out!

So, sit back, tune in, turn on and tune out, its the Pop Zombie Podcast number 501 (magically 1:05 in length – See what we did there?) for July 17th, 2047

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