Snotty McCreepy Wins American Idol Season 10!!!

In what can only be described as an Epic SnoozeFest, Scotty McCreery of Garner, NC took home the gold at what feels like an incredibly irrelevant American Idol.  Two barely-into-their-teens wannabe country singers vying for the title???  Really?  Wake me up when it’s over.  Seriously.

Pop Zombie 418: The Jizzler Strikes Again!

The Jizzler strikes again!  Keep an eye out if he comes for you!  And while you’re avoiding him, take a quick listen to this amazing episode of The Pop Zombie Podcast!  Ponder Area 51, Terrence Malick’s latest film ‘The Tree of Life’, American Idol’s Season Finale and all kinds of way cool pop songs (and some not so cool) plus a bunch more pointless nonsense.

Its time to tune in, turn on and tune out – Its The Pop Zombie Podcast Episode 418!