Pop Zombie Podcast 609: 180 Degree Reversible!

It’s gonna be epic! We make summertime popcorn cinema predictions about awesome event films and a ton of other things! Baron offers forth his usual incoherent ramblings, BigBrain attempts to knock everyone down with his angry fizzle cream, LeadPipe is quiet and Quality Jones laughs at everything (as per the norm.) Make sure you take some Creepitor to get your molesterol levels down and take a quick listen! Beep Boop Bop, it’s the Pop Zombie Podcast episode 609!

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Pop Zombie 413: Lesbian Robots!

Lesbian Robots
Back again at CHS and we are I’ll prepared, as usual… To deal with how FRICKIN’ AWESOME we are!!!
Its time to tune in, tune out zone in and zone out, its the Pop Zombie Podcast #413 for March 30th, 2011

Tune in, tune out and turn on – Its The Pop Zombie Podcast.