Pop Zombie 419: Call of Doody Elite?

This week it’s all about our new website!!!  Also BigFoot and Call of Duty: Black Ops BGRO (Big Giant Rip Off).  Baron just loves the thought of being able to give someone else even more of his money.  Awesome!

It’s time to tune in, turn on and tune out – Its The Pop Zombie Podcast Episode 419!


Bigfoot is Real?? Maybe??

KXLY.com – A Spokane woman out for a day hike along the Spokane river claims to have proof of the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot.  Samantha, who did not give her last name, and her friends were hiking at Downriver Park over the weekend when they captured Bigfoot by using their iPhone camera.

Opinions are needed!  Do you think BigFoot is real?  Leave a comment!